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      Children's Mental Health (CMH) Waiver (Overview)

      What is a waiver?

      The Children's Mental Health Waiver

      Implementation of Services

      The Interdisciplinary Team

      What Outcomes Are Expected As A Result of the CMH Waiver?

      Review Committee

  Serious Emotional Disturbances (SED) and Child Eligibility

      SED Defined

      Viewing SEDs From Within the CMH Waiver


      Who May Provide CMH Waiver Services?

      Linking Services to Children, Providers and Evidence-Based Practice

  Service Parameters

      Environmental Modification, Adaptive Devices and Therapeutic Resources

      Family and Community Support Services

      In-Home Family Therapy Services

      Respite Care Services

  Getting Started with CMH Waiver

      Identifying the Path to Service Provision

      CMH Waiver Service Options

      CMH Waiver Provider Enrollment

      CMH Waiver Standards to Guide Services

      Enrolling to Provide Services

      Related Iowa Administrative Code Chapters

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      Provider Resources

      Key Contacts

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      Rules, Guides and Information Letters

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