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Human Services Rules: What's New

This page lists proposed Department rule changes on which the Department is currently requesting public comments.  Access the text of the rule notice by clicking on the bold ARC number link.  The Department will consider comments on these rules submitted by the end of the comment period as noted below.  You may submit comments in the following ways:

  • Via e-mail to PolicyAnalysis@dhs.state.ia.us.

  • Via fax to the Bureau of Policy Coordination at 515-281-4980.

  • In writing mailed to the DHS Bureau of Policy Coordination, 5th Floor, 
    1305 E Walnut Street, Des Moines, Iowa 50319-0114.

  • At the public hearing, if one is scheduled.  (See Public Hearing List.)

Subject and  
Iowa Administrative Bulletin Citation


End of Comment Period Targeted
Family Assistance:  ARC 1311C (2/5/14) Rescinds Chapter 169, Funding for Empowerment Areas Noticed 2/25/14 7/1/14
Child Care Assistance:  ARC 1365C (3/5/14) Annual COLA increase based on federal poverty levels Noticed 3/25/14 7/1/14
Medical Support:  ARC 1366C (3/5/14) Updates HCBS Brain Injury waiver services Noticed 3/25/14 7/1/14
Medical Support:  ARC 1368C (3/5/14) Updates HIPP requirements in accordance with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Noticed 3/25/14 7/1/14
Medical Support:  ARC 1415C (4/2/14)  Updates average costs for PMICs, MHIs, and Nursing Facilities Noticed 4/22/14 7/1/14
Medical Support:  ARC 1416C (4/2/14)  Updates maximum Medicaid rate for ICF/IDs which is used to determine disposition of the income of a MAIT. Noticed 4/22/14 7/1/14
Family Support:  ARC 1385C (3/19/14) Updates rules for accessing FIP benefits at a prohibited location Noticed 4/8/14 8/1/14
Medical Support:  ARC 1391C (4/2/14)  Removes specific dollar amount of pharmacy professional dispensing fee. Noticed 4/22/14 8/1/14
Medical Support:  ARC 1417C (4/2/14) Increases premiums for applicants and recipients under MEPD program with income over 150% of the FPL. Noticed 4/22/14 8/1/14

These rules are also listed on the Rules Docket with all of the other Department rules now in process.  Click here to view these rules as they were published in the Iowa Administrative Bulletin.