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Policy Manuals - Social Services


Contains the 30 most recent letters transmitting changes to manuals in this program area, with the newest listed first Instructions for project managers administering contracts for the purchase of social services or rehabilitative services, and handbooks for these providers Instructions for confidentiality, appeals, service eligibility, and HIV protocols warrants and receipts Instructions for staff requesting child care providers and administrative child care assistance; handbooks for child care centers and homes. Instructions for staff assessing and evaluating reports of child abuse or dependent adult abuse Instructions for providing adoption, family-centered and family preservation and related services; and regulation of adoption investigations Instructions for licensing foster family homes and administering all levels of out-of-home placements for children Instructions for administering home and community-based waiver services, case management, and in-home health-related care Instructions for administering the state payment program and local-purchase services for adults with mental illness, mental retardation, or developmental disabilities

General Letters

Employees' Manual Table of Contents (Titles 1 to 17) 


    15-A  Purchase of Service
    15-A(1)  Iowa Purchase of Service Agency Contract
    15-A  Appendix
    Purchase of Service  Provider Handbook
    15-C  Foster Group Care Services Contracting
    15-C  Appendix
    Foster Group Care Services Provider Handbook
        Chapter A:  Introduction
        Chapter B:  Contract
        Chapter C:  Establishment of Rates
        Chapter D:  Program Requirements
        Chapter E:  Billing and Payment
        Chapter F:  Audits, Sanctions, and Appeals
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General Administration

    1-C  Confidentiality and Records
    1-C  Appendix
    1-E  Appeals and Hearings
    1-E  Appendix
    13-A  General Provisions
    XIII-A  Appendix
    13-B  Determining Title IV-E Eligibility
    13-B  Appendix
    14-A  Services Reporting System
    14-A(1)  Error Codes For the Service Reporting System
    14-L  Purchase of Service Data System
    14-M  ISIS User Guide
    15-B  Social Services Block Grant
    15-B  Appendix
    15-D(1)  KACT System Screen Instructions
    15-G  Reimbursement of Approved County and Multicounty Juvenile Detention and Shelter Care Homes
    15-G  Appendix
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Child Care

    12-E  Child Care Centers
    12-E  Appendix
    Child Care Centers and Preschools Licensing Standards and Procedures, Comm. 204
    12-F  Child Development Home Registration
    12-F  Appendix
    Child Development Home Registration Guidelines, Comm. 143
  Service Provision:
    13-G  Child Care Assistance
    14-H  KinderTrack System
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Protective Services

    16-E(1)  Child Abuse Information
    Child Abuse:  A Guide for Mandatory Reporters, Comm. 164
    Child Abuse:  A Guide for Mandatory Reporters (Spanish), Comm. 164(S)
    16-G  Dependent Adult Protective Services
    16-G(1)  Dependent Adult Abuse Intake
    16-G  Appendix
    Dependent Adult Protection Handbook, Comm. 96
    Dependent Adult Abuse:  A Guide for Mandatory Reporters, Comm. 118
    Dependent Adult Abuse:   Facility, Agency, and Program Evaluation Handbook, Comm. 195
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Child Welfare Services

    12-H  Certification of Adoption Investigators
    12-H  Appendix
  Service Provision:
    13-D  Guardianship
    13-D(1)  Guardianship Subsidy
    13-D  Appendix
    13-E(1)  Stolen Children
    13-N  Interstate Compacts
    13-N  Appendix
    17-A  Intake Policy
    17-A(1)  CPS Intake Procedures  
    17-A(2)  CINA Intake Procedures
    17-A(3)  Intake Practice Guidance
    17-A(4)  Additional Intake Information
    17-B  Assessment Policy
    17-B(1)  CPS Assessment Procedures
    17-B(2)  CINA Assessment Procedures
    17-B(3)  Assessment Practice Guidance 
    17-B(4)  Additional Assessment Information
    17-C  Case Planning Policy
    17-C(1)  Case Planning Procedures
    17-C(2)  Case Planning Practice Guidance
    17-C(3)  Additional Case Planning Information
    17-D  Case Management Policy
    17-D(1)  Case Management Procedures 
    17-D(2)  Case Management Practice Guidance
    17-D(3)  Additional Case Management Information
    17-E  Out-Of-Home Placement Policy and Procedures
    17-F  Permanent Placement Policy
    17-F(1)  Permanent Placement Procedures
    17-F(2)  Permanent Placement Practice Guidance
    17-F(3)  Additional Permanent Placement Information
    17  Appendix
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Foster Care

    12-A  Approval of Juvenile Detention and Shelter Care Homes
    12-A  Appendix
    12-B  Foster Family Home Licensing
    12-B  Appendix
    Foster Parent Handbook, Comm. 33
    Manual Para Padres Sustitutos (Foster Parent Handbook), Comm. 33(S) 
    12-C  Foster Group Care Licensing
    12-C  Appendix
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Health-Related Services

    16-F  Comprehensive Family Support 
    16-F  Appendix
    16-J  In-Home Health-Related Care Services
    16-J  Appendix
    16-K  Medicaid Waiver Services
    16-K  Appendix
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Adult Services

    16-I  Family-Life Homes Services
    16-I  Appendix
  Service Provision:
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