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Policy Manuals - Income Maintenance


Instructions for forms used by local income maintenance workers, listed alphabetically by form title

Contains the 30 most recent letters transmitting changes to manuals in this program area, with the newest listed first
Procedures for confidentiality, appeals, and receipts
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State Supplementary Assistance, Refugee Assistance, Interim and Emergency Assistance Instructions for staff determining Medicaid eligibility Instructions for staff determining eligibility for cash assistance to needy families Instructions for staff determining eligibility and issuing Food Assistance benefits Instructions for staff of Iowa Workforce Development administering the PROMISE JOBS program associated with the Family Investment Program Instructions for DHS staff on entering data into various systems that record and issue cash and medical benefits rightend.gif (370 bytes)

General Letters

Employees' Manual Table of Contents (Titles 1 to 17) 

Forms Appendix


General Procedures

    1-C  Confidentiality and Records
    1-C  Appendix
    1-E  Appeals and Hearings
    1-E  Appendix
    23-B  Collections
    23-B  Appendix
    23-E  Issuance of Duplicate or Replacement Warrants
    23-E  Appendix
    24-A  Case Records Management
    24-A  Appendix
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Other IM Programs

    5-A  Interim Assistance Reimbursement
    5-A  Appendix
    5-B  Health Insurance Premium Payment Program
    5-C  AIDS/HIV Health Insurance Premium Payment Program
    5-D  Quality Control
    5-D  Appendix
    5-E  Healthy and Well Kids in Iowa (hawk-i)
    6-A  Social Security Programs
    6-B  State Supplementary Assistance
    6-B  Appendix
    6-D  Refugee Resettlement Program: Cash
    6-D(1)  Refugee Medical Assistance
    6-E  Extra Help For Medicare Prescription Drug Costs
    6-G  Recovery of Public Assistance Debts
    13-B  Determining Eligibility For Title IV-E
    13-B  Appendix
    13-G  Child Care Assistance
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    8-A  Administration
    8-B  Application Processing
    8-C  Nonfinancial Eligibility
    8-D  Resources
    8-E  Income
    8-F  Coverage Groups
    8-G  Case Maintenance
    8-H  Foster Care, Adoption and Guardianship Subsidy
    8-I  Medical Institutions
    8-J  Medically Needy
    8-K  Psychiatric Institutions
    8-L  Aliens
    8-M  Medicaid Services
    8-N  Home- and Community-Based Waivers
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Family Investment Program

    4-A  Administration
    4-B  Application Processing
    4-C  Nonfinancial Eligibility
    4-D  Resources
    4-E  Income
    4-F  Budgeting
    4-G  Case Maintenance
    4-H  Payments and Adjustments
    4-L  Aliens and Migrants
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Food Assistance

    7-A  Administration
    7-B  Application Processing
    7-C  Nonfinancial Eligibility
    7-D  Resources
    7-E  Income
    7-F  Budgeting
    7-G  Case Maintenance
    7-H  Adjustments
    7-I  Specific Households and Participants
    7-J  Intentional Program Violation
    7-L  Disaster Food Assistance Program
    7-L  Appendix
           Comm. 388, Disaster Food Assistance Issuance Handbook
    7-M  Food Assistance Employment and Training Program
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PROMISE JOBS Provider Manual

    Provider Manual
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Income Maintenance Systems

    14-B  Automated Benefit Calculation System
    14-B(4)  System Screen Instructions
    14-B(5)  Food Assistance Case Actions
    14-B(6)  FIP Case Actions
    14-B(7)  FMAP-Related Medicaid Case Actions
    14-B(8)  COLA Processing
    14-B(9)  SSI-Related Medicaid and Facility Case Actions
    14-B(10)  IowaCare Case Actions
    14-B  Appendix
    14-C  Medical Systems
    14-C(1)  Family Planning Waiver System
    XIV-D(1)   ICAR/ABC Referral
    14-E  SSI State Data Exchange
    14-F  IM Electronic Case File System
    14-G  Exchange of Data with Other Agencies
    14-G  Appendix
    14-I  MMIS Medically Needy Subsystem
    14-H  KinderTrack System
    14-I(1)  Medically Needy Case Actions
    14-J  EPPIC™ Electronic Benefit Transfer System
    14-K  ScratchPad
    14-M  ISIS User Guide
    14-N  Eligibility Tracking System (ETS)
    14-O  PJCASE System
    14-P  Overpayment Recovery Direct Claim Entry
    14-P(1)  Overpayment Recovery Detail
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