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Noticed rules on which comment period has not expired Department's plan for rule making for fiscal year 2002 List of public hearings scheduled Summary of comments from public hearings in last six months and Department's responses All rules currently in process by Department from the time rules are noticed until their effective date Department's administrative rule chapters

If you would like to know more about Iowa law and how the state's administrative rules process works, click here to go to the adminrules.Iowa.gov web site.

What's New
Proposed rule changes on which the Department is seeking comments 

Public Hearings
List of scheduled public hearing dates, times, and places

The Department's administrative rule chapters

Rules Docket
All Department rule changes that are currently in process (from the time rules are noticed through the month they take effect)

Public Comments
Summary of rule comments received in the last year, along with the Department's responses



DISCLAIMER:  This site contains rules from the Iowa Administrative Code and rule amendments submitted for publication in the Iowa Administrative Bulletin. Although every attempt is made to ensure that the information placed on this site is accurate and timely, we cannot ensure the validity of any specific rule originating from this site.  You are urged to consult the official versions of these publications. This site cannot legally be cited as an official or authoritative source.

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