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This docket lists all rule changes currently in process for the Department of Human Services, from the time notice of proposed rule making or emergency rule is filed with the Governor's Office through the month when the rule change takes effect.  The rule changes are sorted by their targeted effective date and the program area affected. 

To access the text of a rule change, click on the ARC number link.  The date in parentheses is the date the rule publication. Most rule changes will have two ARC numbers assigned because they are published twice:  once as a Notice of Intended Action and again when the rule is Adopted and Filed.

You may comment on a noticed rule until the date specified in the notice.  See What's New for a list of rules currently posted for comment and instructions on submitting comments.  

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Iowa Administrative Bulletin Citations


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PROMISE JOBS:  ARC 0999C (9/4/13), ARC 1208C (12/10/13) Updates rules on Limited Benefit Plan and consequences for non-compliance. Noticed, Adopted 11/13/13 2/1/14
EAC Cards:  ARC 1001C (9/4/13), ARC 1207C (12/10/13) Limits the types of businesses where EAC cards may be used. Noticed, Adopted 11/13/13 2/1/14
Child Care:  ARC 1007C (9/4/13), ARC 1209C (12/10/13) Updates requirements for posting of licensure in child care centers.  Updates requirements for parental/guardian notification in specific instances. Noticed, Adopted 11/13/13 2/1/14
Record Checks: ARC 1046C (10/2/13), ARC 1263C (1/8/14) Allows for conditional employment in a hospital or a health care facility for up to 60 days pending completion of evaluation. Noticed,
12/11/13 3/1/14
Child Support:  ARC 1045C (10/2/13), ARC 1262C (1/8/14)  Updates rules to conform to Iowa statutory changes and federal regulations regarding confidentialityof suppor payment records. Noticed, Adopted 12/11/13 3/1/14
Appeals:  ARC 1129C (10/16/13), ARC 1261C (1/8/14) Implements changes to the appeals process and requirements due to the Patient Protection and Affordale Care Act Noticed, Adopted 12/11/13 3/1/14
Medical Support:  ARC 1161C (10/30/13), ARC 1264C (1/8/14)  Clarifies services provided to Medicaid members for non-emergency medical transportation. Noticed, Adopted 12/11/13 3/1/14
MHDS: ARC 1184C (11/13/13), ARC 1329C (2/19/14) Establishes a new autism support program. Noticed 1/16/14 4/1/14
Medical Support:  ARC 1185C (11/13/13), ARC 1297C (2/5/14)  Changes rules for bone marrow and heart transplants. Noticed, Adopted 1/8/14 4/1/14
Medical Support: ARC 1266C (1/8/14) Updates State Supplementary Assistance Program with COLA increase Adopted 12/11/13 4/9/14
Medical Support: ARC 1267C (1/8/14), ARC 1352C (3/5/14) Reinstates Medicaid Lock-In program Adopted 12/11/13 4/9/14
Medical Support:  ARC 1211C (12/10/13), ARC 1356C (3/5/14) Allows for continued use of Iowa Family Planning Eligibility System Noticed, Adopted 2/12/14 4/9/14
Medical Support:  ARC 1213C (12/10/13), ARC 1354C (3/5/14) Allows Medicaid to evaluate all IowaCare members for eligibility in the Iowa Health and Wellness Program Noticed, Adopted 2/12/14 4/9/14
Medical Support: ARC 1267C (1/8/14), ARC 1352 (3/5/14) Updates State Supplementary Assistance Program with COLA increase Noticed, Adopted 2/12/14 4/9/14
Medical Support: ARC 1265C (1/8/14), ARC 1355C (3/5/14) Reinstates Medicaid Lock-In program Noticed, Adopted 2/12/14 4/9/14
Child Support:  ARC 1228C (12/10/13), ARC 1357C (3/5/14)  Updates child support guidelines in accordance with Iowa Supreme Court guidance. Noticed, Adopted 2/12/14 5/1/14
Individual Assistance Grant: ARC 1257C (1/8/14), ARC 1353C (3/5/14) Enhances the provision of assistance during disaster to an entity contracted with the Department Noticed, Adopted 2/12/14 5/1/14
Family Assistance:  ARC 1311C (2/5/14) Rescinds Chapter 169, Funding for Empowerment Areas Noticed   7/1/14
Child Care Assistance:  ARC 1365C (3/5/14) Annual COLA increase based on federal poverty levels Noticed   7/1/14
Medical Support:  ARC 1366C (3/5/14) Updates HCBS Brain Injury waiver services Noticed   7/1/14
Medical Support:  ARC 1368C (3/5/14) Updates HIPP requirements in accordance with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Noticed   7/1/14
Medical Support:  ARC 1415C (4/2/14)  Updates average costs for PMICs, MHIs, and Nursing Facilities Noticed   7/1/14
Medical Support:  ARC 1416C (4/2/14)  Updates maximum Medicaid rate for ICF/IDs which is used to determine disposition of the income of a MAIT. Noticed   7/1/14
Family Support:  ARC 1385C (3/19/14) Updates rules for accessing FIP benefits at a prohibited location Noticed   8/1/14
Medical Support:  ARC 1391C (4/2/14)  Removes specific dollar amount of pharmacy professional dispensing fee. Noticed   8/1/14
Medical Support:  ARC 1417C (4/2/14) Increases premiums for applicants and recipients under MEPD program with income over 150% of the FPL. Noticed   8/1/14

Click here to view these rules as they were published in the Iowa Administrative Bulletin.  See Public Comments for summaries of comments received on recently proposed rules and the Department's responses. 

The Administrative Rules Review Committee normally considers rules in the month after they are published in the Iowa Administrative Bulletin. (The date listed with the ARC number is the publication date.)  Click here to access the Committee's agenda and minutes.

You may inspect the rule-making record, which contains all written submissions on the rule, the fiscal impact statement, any regulatory analysis or concise statement prepared, and any objections to the rule, at the DHS Bureau of Policy Coordination, Hoover Building 5th Floor, 1305 E. Walnut Street, Des Moines, Iowa.