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Policy Manuals - Child Support


Administrative, eligibility for support services, general procedures Instructions for child support staff or confidentiality records and opening and closing cases, and location services Procedures for establishing paternity, and establishing an order for support Procedures for using various tools to collect child support and for crediting and distributing support payments received
Procedures for confidentiality, appeals, and receipts
Contains the 30 most recent letters transmitting changes to manuals in this program area, with the newest listed first

General Letters

Employees' Manual Table of Contents (Titles 1 to 17)  

General Procedures

    1-C  Confidentiality and Records
    1-C  Appendix
    1-E  Appeals and Hearings
    1-E  Appendix
    23-B  Collections
    23-B  Appendix
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X - Child Support Recovery

    10-B  Appendix
    X-C(1)  Enforcement of Support Obligations
    X-C(3)  Foster Care Parental Liability
    14-D  Iowa Collection and Reporting System 
    XIV-D(1)  ICAR/ABC Referral
    14-D(2)  General Case Maintenance Screens
    XIV-D(4)  Location
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Administration and Location

  Division 1.  General Information 
    9-A  General Program Information
    9-B  General Computer Information And ICAR Security
    9-B  Appendix
    9-E  Case Setup
    9-E  Case Setup Appendix
  Division 2.  Opening and Closing Cases
    9-H  Serving Qualified Customers
    9-H  Appendix
    9-I  Case Closure
    9-I  Appendix
    9-J  Child Support Enforcement Network-CSENET
    9-J  Appendix
    9-K  Interstate Case Processing
    9-K  Appendix
  Division 3.  Location Services
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Establishment and Modification

  Division 1.  Establishing Paternity
    10-A  Administrative Paternity Establishment
    10-A  Appendix
    10-C  Paternity By Affidavit
    10-C Appendix  
    10-D  Disestablishment of Paternity
    10-D  Appendix
  Division 2.  Establishing Support
    10-H  Determining Child Support Obligations
    10-H  Appendix
    10-I  Administrative Establishment of Support   
    10-I  Appendix
   Division 3.  Changes to Support
    10-Q  Administrative Review and Adjustment
    10-Q  Appendix
    10-S  Suspension and Satisfaction of Support
    10-S  Appendix
    10-T  Reinstatement of Support
    10-T  Appendix
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Enforcement and Distribution

  Division 1.  Enforcement
    11-A  Administrative Levy  
    11-A  Appendix
    11-C  Credit Reporting
    11-C  Appendix
    11-F  Income Withholding
    11-F  Appendix
    11-G  License Sanction
    11-G  Appendix
    11-I  Medical Support
    11-I  Appendix
    11-J  Federal Offsets and Passport Sanctions 
    11-K  State Offsets
    11-L  Seek Employment
    11-L  Appendix
  Division 2.  Distribution
    11-T  Distribution
    11-T  Appendix
    11-U  Appeals Based on Date of Collection
    11-U  Appendix
    11-V  Quarterly Notice of Support Collected
    11-W  Special Abstracts and Refunds  
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