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Department of Human Services

Policy Manuals - Administration

Instructions for staff involved in payment, audits, receipts, and time reporting for cost allocation Instructions regarding office quarters and procedures Instructions regarding internal communications and forms management Instructions regarding equal opportunity, training, and complaints
Contains the 30 most recent letters transmitting changes to manuals in this program area, with the newest listed first

Procedures for confidentiality, appeals, and receipts

General Letters

Employees' Manual Table of Contents (Titles 1 to 17) 

Management Manual Table of Contents (Titles 20 to 24)


General Departmental Procedures

    1-A  Organization
    1-B  Policy Development
    1-B  Appendix
    1-C  Confidentiality and Records
    1-C  Appendix
    1-D  Nondiscrimination
    1-E  Appeals and Hearings
    1-E  Appendix
    1-F  Volunteer Services   
    1-F  Appendix
    1-K  Emergency Social Services Plan
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General Management

    20-B  Office of Communications
    20-B  Appendix
    20-C  Forms Management
    20-C  Appendix
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Personnel Management

    21-A  Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action
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Financial Management

    23-B  Collections
    23-B  Appendix
    23-C(1)  Local Office Administration Expense
    23-C  Appendix
    23-D  Audits
    23-E  Issuance of Duplicate or Replacement Warrants
    23-E  Appendix
    23-G  State Appeal Board Claims
    23-H  Travel Claims
    23-H  Appendix
    23-I  Random Moment Sample System
    23-K  Procurement
    23-K  Appendix
    23-L  County Billing and Offset
    23-L  Appendix
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Office Management

    24-A  Case Records Management
    24-A  Appendix
    24-B  General Services
    24-B  Appendix
    24-C  Physical Quarters
    24-C  Appendix
    24-D  State Vehicles
    24-D  Appendix
    24-F  Violence-Free Workplace
    24-F  Appendix
    24-G ICN Video Conferencing
    24-G  Appendix
    24-H  Capital Asset and Supply Inventory Control
    24-H Appendix
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