Division of Mental Health and Disability Services (MHDS)

Hoover State Office Building 5 SE, 1305 E Walnut Street, Des Moines, IA50319

Shults, Richard Mental Health and Disability Services Division Administrator 515-281-7277 rshults@dhs.state.ia.us

Division Support Staff

Ehlers, Connie Division Administrator's Executive Officer 515-281-4764 cehlers@dhs.state.ia.us
DePhillips, Wendy Division Administrator's Confidential Secretary 515-281-7277 wdephil@dhs.state.ia.us
Hiatt, Kay Secretary for the Bureau of Community Services & Support 515-281-3776 khiatt@dhs.state.ia.us

Community Services and Planning

Armstrong, Theresa Community Services and Planning Bureau Chief 515-281-3780 tarmstr1@dhs.state.ia.us
Amsbaugh, Tamara Employment Supports for People with Disabilities 515-281-8794 tamsbau@dhs.state.ia.us
Cleveland, Ben Quality Improvement Coordinator 515-281-5374 bclevel@dhs.state.ia.us
Davenport, Carmen Education & Mental Health Supports for Children and Youth 515-281-0336 cdavenp@dhs.state.ia.us
Fanselow, Connie MHDS Commission & MH Planning Council 515-725-0131 cfansel@dhs.state.ia.us
Fross, Suzanne State Payment Program 515-725-2235 sfross@dhs.state.ia.us
Heikes, Jan Community Systems Consultant 515-669-8002 jheikes@dhs.state.ia.us
Hyatt, Karen

Emergency Mental Health Specialist and Disaster Assistance
Office of Consumer Affairs
Olmstead Consumer Task Force
Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness (PATH)

515-281-3128 khyatt@dhs.state.ia.us
Jetter, Julie Community Systems Consultant 515-669-8001 jjetter@dhs.state.ia.us
Kozak, Ginger Accreditation Specialist 515-669-2140 gkozak@dhs.state.ia.us
Larkin, Laura

Mental Health Block Grant Planner
Mental Health Services/Supports for Children & Youth
School Mental Health Specialist

515-242-5880 llarkin@dhs.state.ia.us
Mohrhauser, Mary Community Mental Health Centers
Multi-occurring Disorders Specialist
515-242-5881 mmohrha@dhs.state.ia.us
Nibbelink, Lin Employment and Housing Supports for People with Disabilities 515-281-3023 lnibbel@dhs.state.ia.us
Reisner, Cheri Accreditation Specialist 515-314-2540 creisne@dhs.state.ia.us
Starr, Lila Older Adults Mental Health Specialist
Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR)
515-281-5318 lstarr@dhs.state.ia.us

Office of Facility Support

Kuhns, Karalyn Office of Facility Support Team Leader 515-281-6003 kkuhns@dhs.state.ia.us
DeTemmerman, Eric Facility Support Executive Officer 515-725-2237 edetemm@dhs.state.ia.us
Finkelstein, Mark Compliance Officer 515-242-6510 mfinkel@dhs.state.ia.us
Tigges, Ken Facility Support Executive Officer for the State Resource Centers 515-242-6217 ktigges@dhs.state.ia.us

Targeted Case Management

Diamond, Diane Targeted Case Management Bureau Chief 515-281-7163 ddiamon@dhs.state.ia.us
Alger, Pam West Supervisor 515-281-7163 palger@dhs.state.ia.us
Jordan, Kathy East Supervisor 515-232-0477 kjordan@dhs.state.ia.us

Office of Consumer Affairs: http://ocaiowa.org/

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