Division of Mental Health and Disability Services (MHDS)

Family to Family Iowa

Family to Family Iowa is a network of seventeen family-oriented disability advocacy agencies and is governed by the Family Governance Council (FGC).  The FGC, comprised of family member representatives from the 17 Family to Family agencies, is responsible for:

  • Adding appropriate agencies to the FCG.
  • Providing for training and certification of Family Navigators.
  • Issuing stipends for trainings and conferences of value to parents/families of children with disabilities.
  • Determining data collection and reporting expectations of member agencies; providing shared electronic space for gathering and sharing data.
  • Planning for maintenance and sustainability of the Family to Family Iowa network infrastructure.
  • Developing tools for the Family Navigators.

A comprehensive Family Navigator training package is available to family members affiliated with the seventeen agencies. Family Navigators deliver casual and comprehensive services to families of children with all types of disabilities across Iowa.

Training is conducted through virtual training centers.  Those who wish to become a Family Navigator must complete all the training modules.  Those who wish to improve their skills and knowledge, but are not interested in becoming a Family Navigator, can select the training modules that best meet their needs.

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