Each Community Partnership Organizes a Network of Neighborhood and Community Supports

Each partnership creates a network of agencies, neighborhood groups and families to support the overall mission of the community child protection.  Core members of networks include: schools, faith institutions, mental health professionals and healthcare providers, substance abuse and domestic violence programs, police, child care providers, parents groups, and of course, the public CPS agency.   Networks develop community hubs or places that provide the base of operations for partnership-related activities in the area.  Child protection services staff who are linked with these networks are easily accessible to families, work closely with other service providers, and learn more about the unique characteristics of the community in which they work.

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Legislative Toolkit:  This toolkit is designed to help your community promote Community Partnerships and aid in engaging your local and state legislators. Hopefully you will find this toolkit to be beneficial.

Community Partnership Newsletters

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Domestic Violence (DV) and Child Welfare:

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Assessing High Risk for Children

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Substance Abuse (SA) & Child Welfare:


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Local CPPC newsletters:

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