Parent Partner Program

The Parent Partner Program is a mentoring program that seeks to provide better outcomes around re-abuse, and reunification.  The goal of the Parent Partner Program is to help birth parents be successful in completing their case plan goals. This is achieved by matching a Parent Partner with parents who are currently in the Department of Human Services (DHS) system and have a child removed. Parent Partners are mentors who have had previous involvement with the department and have been sucessfully reunifed with their child for at least a year.  Parent Partners are paid to work with DHS clients who need mentoring and support. Parent Partners work with community based organizations to provide resources for the parents they are mentoring.

Iowa is currently piloting the Parent Partner Program in four sites: Northwest Iowa/ Lakes region, Cedar Rapids, and Des Moines.

Parent Partner Program Mission Statement

Handout for Prospective Parent Partners

Parent Partner Brochure (Template)

Local vs Statewide Protocol

Parent Partner Toolkit

Parent Partners Handbook DHS Materials- Draft

Handbook for Families Involved in the Child Welfare System

Child and Family Rights (DHS)

Information on Appeals policy with DHS

Link to Department of Human Services Forms:

Parent Partner Pledge-NW/Lakes

Parent Partner Program Application- Draft

Parent Partner Program Application-Cedar Rapids

Volunteer Program Application-Cedar Rapids

Parent Partner Program Application-NW

Toolkit for Parent Partner Coordinators

Parent Partner Referral Form- Draft

Informed Consent Form for Parents Involved in the Parent Partner Program

Parent Partner phone and inital visit script (Detroit)

Parent Partner Program Coordinator Monthly Report-NW/Lakes

Parent Partner Brochure (Polk Co)

The Quarterly Report is due on October 15th,  January 15th,  April 15th, and July 15th:Quarterly Report (to be sent to Kyla Madsen)

BABF outcome tracking system

Self Sufficency survey for parents in the system

NW Parent Partner Orientation

Parent Partner Record of Trainings Completed

Parent Partner Pre/Post Questionnaire-NW/Lakes

Exit Interview-NW/Lakes

Liability Insurance Information:

Volunteer Protection Act of 1997

"No volunteer of a nonprofit organization or governmental entity shall be liable for harm caused by an act or omission of the volunteer acting on behalf of the organization or entity"

Under this definition of coverage, protection is afforded to the volunteers unless one of the following occurs:

  • The volunteer does something which is OUTSIDE their job description,
  • The volunteer's act that caused the injury was as a consequence of the operation of a motor vehicle
  • The volunteer caused the injury with willful, criminal or reckless misconduct or gross negligence.

Liability Insurance links for volunteers:

Parent Partner Supplemental Training and Materials:

DHS 101 Powerpoint (contact local Child Welfare supervisor/worker to present)

Domestic Violence 101 and Boundaries and ethics training can be scheduled through Annette Williams:

Family Team Meeting 101: Please contact a Family Team Meeting Facilitation Approved Trainer  view: Contact Information for CPPC BTBR and FTMF Trainer

Substance Abuse 101

Mental Health 101

  • Mental Health 101 Powerpoint (contact local mental health provider to present)
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