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Policy Manuals - Medicaid Provider

Contains the 30 most recent letters transmitting changes to manuals in this program area, with the newest listed first
Medicaid recipient eligibility and general program policies applicable to all Medicaid providers Coverage and billing instructions for hospitals, nursing facilities, psychiatric medical facilities for children, and intermediate care facilities for people with mental retardation Coverage and billing instructions for providers of services under a home- and community-based service waiver Coverage and billing instructions for clinics and individual providers

General Letters


All Provider Chapters

    I.  General Program Policies
    II. Member Eligibility
    IV. Billing Iowa Medicaid
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Institutional Care

    Acute Care Hospital
    Intermediate Care Facilities for Mentally Retarded
    Comm. 46  Intermediate Care Facilities for the Mentally Retarded
    Nursing Facility
    Psychiatric Medical Institutions for Children
    Skilled Nursing Facility
    Residential Care Facility 
    Comm. 47  State Supplementary Assistance Residential Care Facility Handbook
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Waiver Services

    HCBS AIDS/HIV Waiver
    HCBS Brain Injury Waiver
    HCBS Elderly Waiver
    HCBS Ill and Handicapped Waiver
    HCBS Mental Retardation Waiver
    HCBS Physical Disability Waiver
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All Other Services

    Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner 
    Ambulatory Surgical Center
    Area Education Agency
    Audiologist and Hearing Aid Dispenser
    Behavioral Health Intervention Services
    Behavioral Health Services
    Birth Center
    Case Management
    Chiropractic Services
    Community Mental Health Center
    Dental Services
    Family Planning Services
    Federally Qualified Health Center
    HCBS Habilitation Services
    Home Health Services
    Independent Laboratory
    Independently Practicing Physical Therapist
    Infant and Toddler Program
    Iowa Family Planning Network Waiver 
    Lead Investigation Agency
    Local Education Agency
    Maternal Health Center
    Medical Equipment and Supply Dealer
    Optometrist and Optician Services
    Orthopedic Shoe Dealer
    Podiatric Services
    Prescribed Drugs
    Psychologist Services
    Public Health Agency
    Rehabilitation Agency
    Rural Health Clinic
    Screening Center
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