Supplemental TANF Work Activity


Federal legislation enacted in late 2010 that reauthorized and funded the TANF block grant through September 2011, also included new TANF data reporting requirements for states.  This new report identifies:


1.    Hours in countable activities that the state has not reported in the regular TANF data report for various reasons, including those hours that are over the federal limits.

2.    Hours in non-countable activities that can help lead to self-sufficiency.

3.    For families not participating in either countable or self-sufficiency activities, the reason for non-participation.


States are allowed to report on a sample of 175 cases rather than their entire caseload.  Iowa has opted to report using a sample. 


For a summary of the data, click on either the excel or PDF format below or click on corresponding PDF for the narrative for that timeframe. 


Supplemental TANF Work Activity


Report Excel PDF Narrative    4-Month Summary
March 2011              
April 2011                 
May 2011               
June 2011                              

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