Results Based Accountability

FaDSS Results reports:

  • The number of individuals participating in FaDSS,
  • The number and percentage of families, both single and two-parent, who meet federal work participation requirements,
  • The number of individuals completing educational components,
  • The number and percentage of individuals who are employed,
  • The average wage for those who have left FIP,
  • The percentage of families that left FIP and did not return to cash assistance within one year.

2010 State Fiscal Year (SFY), FaDSS Results Monthly Reports

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July 2009     
August 2009   
September 2009   
October 2009


November 2009


December 2009


January 2010


February 2010


March 2010


April 2010

May 2010

June 2010

2010 SFY Year to Date (YTD) Reprots, FaDSS Totals and Average YTD

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YTD 2010     
YTD by Grantee 2010    

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