Mental Health and Disability Redesign 2011

Regionalization Workgroup

August 16, 2011- Required Reading Materials




August 30, 2011- Required Reading Materials

Community Service Regions Map

SF525 Provider Requirements for Regions Map

Iowa State Association of counties District Map

Iowa Area Education Agencies Map

Iowa Department of Public Health Treatment Map

Iowa Community Health Centers Map

DHS Service Area Map

County Census Data from 1850 to 2010

2009 ACS County Poverty Information

Regional Workgroup Discussion: Criteria for Formation of Regions

Chapter 28E

County Social Services Region 28E

Southeast Iowa Systems Redesign Administration Plan

Northwest Iowa Contracting Consortium

Iowa Department on Aging Presentation

Aging & Disability Resource Center Readiness Assessment

Aging & Disability Resource Center Fully Functioning Criteria

September 27, 2011- Required Reading Materials

Guidelines for County Management Strategic Plans

October 11, 2011- Required Reading Materials

Henry County Comments - Sarah Kaufman

Regionalization Workgroup Discussion Paper #4

MHDD Strategic Plan FY2010-2012

Annual Review 2010

County Social Services FY2010 Annual Report

DHS Performance Measures

Additional Specific Functions for Regions

October 25, 2011- Required Reading Materials

Residence Definition Draft

Regional Workgroup Recommendations October 20, 2011

Regionalization Workgroup Discussion Paper 5

County Residence Approved by Commission
Images of people and children