Mental Health and Disability Redesign

Judicial Branch and DHS Workgroup Required Reading Materials

August 2, 2012

Judicial / DHS Workgroup Charge

Chapter 125

Chapter 222

Chapter 229

SF 2312 Summary

Code Comparator

A Short Tour of Mental and Substance Abuse

Judicial / DHS Workgroup Interim Report

September 6, 2012

Chapter 229 Recommended Changes

Judicial Presentation to Legislature

Commentary on Cultural Cognition and Public Policy

Reductions in Arrest under AOT

Use of OPC in Five US Communities

State Standards for Commitment

Summary of Changes to Ohio Commitment Law

Review of State Statues for Mental Illness and Drug Dependency

October 11, 2012

Mental Health Advocate Iowa Code Sections

Final Mental Health Advocate Job Description

Advocates - case manager

Guidelines for Billable Activities for MH Advocates

Periodic Report Pursuant to Iowa code Section 229.15(2)(3)

Memorandum: Judgmental Capacity

Memorandum: Dangerousness

Memorandum: Both criteria

Physician's Report to Court - Section 229.10(2)

Court Proceedings Record dated March 16, 1988

JAMI Recommendations

Possibilities for Placement and Supervision of MH Advocates

Recommendations for Change in the Advocate Structure

MH Advocate Policy Outline

CADS' Recommendations

November 8, 2012

MHDS Commitment Screening Form

Presentation by Magistrate, Marty Fisher

Images of people and children