Mental Health and Disability Redesign 2011

Judicial Branch and DHS Workgroup

 August 18 - Required Reading Materials

Meeting Dates

Tasks for Judicial DHS

 August 30 - Required Reading Materials

Mentally Ill Slowly Finding Help, Acceptance

 September 15 - Required Reading Materials

Commitment Costs

 September 27 - Required Reading Materials

FY 2012 Per Diem Including Ancillary Costs

MHI Average Length of Stay

Mental Health Advocate Iowa Code Sections

Final Mental Health Advocate Job Description

Advocates-case manager

Public Intoxication 4-4-2011 presentation

Special Needs Population presentation

 October 6 - Required Reading Materials

Developmental Disabilities Council - Residental Care Facilities in Iowa Status Review

 October 20 - Required Reading Materials

Additional Specific Functions for Regions from Bob Lincoln

Mental Health Definitions Per Iowa Code

Mental Health Professional Code Sections

MHC Webinar presentation

Washington HLM Chapter 4C: Committment Based on Mental Illness

More Mentally Ill Persons are in Jails and Prisons than Hospitals: A Survey of the States

Images of people and children