Mental Health and Disability Redesign

Children's Disability Services Workgroup Required Reading Materials

2013 Meetings

October 1, 2013

Childrens Services Workgroup Charge Document

Update on Integrated Health Home Program PowerPoint

State Approaches to Childrens System of Care Development PowerPoint

October 15, 2013

Adult Core Service Domains

Youth Proposed Core Service Domains

Clinical and Functional Assessment Instruments for Youth

Iowa Youth Proposed Core Service Domains and Core Services - DRAFT

October 29, 2013

Iowa Youth Assessment DRAFT

Youth with ID/DD core services


2012 Meetings

August 6, 2012

Children's Disability Workgroup Charge

Children's Services Workgroup Interim Report

MHDS Redesign Legislation Overview

Children in Out-of-State PMIC Facilites - PMIC Workgroup DRAFT

Health Home for Children

Powerpoint:Health Homes

September 27, 2012

Mercy Autism Center Pilot Project Overview (Autism Pilot Proposal)

Mercy Autism Center Pilot Project Budget (Autism Pilot Proposal Budget)

Project Launch Brochure

Early Access Iowa By-laws

Elements of Success Issue 1

Effective Strategies of Systems of Care (SOC Expansion Study Report)

Chapin Hall Issue Brief

Iowa System for Children Chart - Version 2

Children's Disability Workgroup Discussion Draft

October 22, 2012

Iowa System for Children Chart - Version 3

November 7, 2012

PI CHI Information

Evaluation Plan Overview and Documents

Children's Disability Workgroup DRAFT Recommendations

Images of people and children