Mental Health and Disability Redesign 2011

Best Practices and Program for Persons with Brain Injury

 August 23 - Required Reading Materials

Medicaid 1915c Home Community Waiver Program

 September 6 - Required Reading Materials

Epidemiology of Traumatic Brain Injuries in Iowa

Brain Injury Waiver Historical Overview

Brain Injury Waiver Funding Waiting List 2009-2011

Brain Injury Waiver Service Utilization Through August 2011

Brain Injury Waiver Services Demographics - August 2011

Home & Community Based Waiver Program Comparisons - August 2011

 September 27 - Required Reading Materials 

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Services I

Services II


ID Core Services Presentation

Brain Injury in Alaska 10 Year Plan

Colorado TBI State Action Plan draft 3

Brain Injury Plan for Maine

Minnesota Statewide BI Plan

Final 2010 IACP BI Survey Results and Analysis

NASHIA Neurobehavioral Issues of TBI An Introduction

VA Barriers Final 2008

Georgia's Neurobehavioral Crisis - Lack of Coordinated Care Inappropriate Institutionalizations

NASHIA BI State Funding Tools 2006

NIH Rehabilitation of Persons with TBI

Summary NASHIA Brain Injury State Funding Tools 2006

BIAIA to Rep Heddens Overview of State TBI Funding in USA

October 11- Required Reading Materials

BI Services Workgroup

Olmstead Checklist

Criteria for Aligning Policy and Funding

BI Workgroup Population and Funding

 October 25 - Required Reading Materials

MHDS BI Workgroup Recommendation Grid

MHDS BI Workgroup Recommendations Narrative



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