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The Bureau of Refugee Services can trace it roots back to 1975 when Governor Robert Ray established the Governor's Task Force for Indochinese Resettlement. Since that time, the State of Iowa has developed a wonderful history of assisting thousands of refugees to resettle in a new land and start a new life.

We are frequently asked many different questions about our program and the people we serve. Being a small bureau of a large department amongst several other departments of state government, we do not command a lot of attention. Instead, we go about our business as a part of the U.S. Refugee Program, helping those who were forced to leave their homes and their countries with very few of their own possessions to resettle and start life anew in a strange new land.

We are glad you have stopped by our web site to learn more about our program. We are hoping to educate, dispel some myths and provide some additional ways to contact us.



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