Centralized Facility Eligibility Unit


The Iowa Department of Human Services Centralized Facility Eligibility Unit (CFEU) processes all new applications and maintains all ongoing Medicaid cases for residents of nursing facilities, ICF/MR facilities, hospitals, and other medical institutions.


Below are links to several documents that provide information about facility care and the related Medicaid, SSI, Estate Recovery Laws, privacy and more. Click here to return to the main CFEU page.


Authorization for the Department to Release Information 470-2115

Rights and Responsibilities-Comm. 233

Your Guide to Medicaid revised Comm. 20

Verifying Citizenship and Identity

Information About Your Privacy Rights Comm. 209

Important Information for You and Your Family Members About the Estate Recovery Program -Comm. 123

Important Notice to Property Owners and Renters- Comm. 121

Medicaid for the Medically Needy -Comm. 30

Medicaid for the Qualified Medicare Beneficiary- Comm. 60

Information Practices -Comm. 51

Medicaid for People in Nursing Homes and Other Care Facilities -Comm. 52

Protection of Your Resources and Income revised -Comm. 72

Medicaid for SSI-Related Persons revised- Comm. 28

Iowa's Estate Recovery Law revised- Comm. 266

Medicaid Review Form- Form 470-3118

Inability to Find A Reponsible Person 470-3356

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