Mount Pleasant Mental Health Institute

The Mount Pleasant Mental Health Institute provides active inpatient treatment to adults through the following programs:

  • Center for Psychiatric Care (Adult Psychiatric)
  • Iowa Residential Treatment Center: IRTC (Substance Abuse)
  • Dual Diagnosis Program (Psychiatric & Substance Abuse)

Who is eligible to receive services:

  • Center for Psychiatric Care: Adults 18 years of age and older from the 15-county catchment area in southeast Iowa.
  • Iowa Residential Treatment Center: Adults 18 years of age and older from all 99 Iowa counties.
  • Dual Diagnosis Program: Adults 18 years of age and older from all 99 Iowa counties.

How to apply for services or refer someone to this facility:

  • Center for Psychiatric Care & Dual Diagnosis Program: Voluntary admissions must be pre-screened by their County Mental Health Center, which then makes the referral. Occasionally, an individual will be at a hospital (inpatient) and the hospital makes the referral, but mental health center staff may visit the hospital and perform the pre-screening, if required by the county plan.

    • Involuntary admissions come directly from the court, a Magistrate/Referee, the individual's attorney, the county's Central Point of Coordination (CPC), or a hospital in which the individual is a patient. CPC DUAL approved items for admissions.pdf

  • Iowa Residential Treatment Center: Voluntary admissions must be pre-screened by a licensed substance abuse agency, which then makes the referral. The agency can either be in the community or it could be a hospital that has a Chemical Dependency Department whose counselor conducts the pre-screening.

    • Involuntary admissions may be referred from the court, the Magistrate/Referee, the individual's attorney, or a hospital where the individual has been for detoxification or a 5-day custody hold. IRTC approved items for treatment.pdf

How to get more information:

Additional information may be obtained by contacting the facility's Admissions Office:

Karla Sandoval
Mount Pleasant Mental Health Institute
1200 East Washington Street
Mount Pleasant, Iowa 52641
319-385-7231 ext. 2382

Structure of the organization:

The facility is operated by the Iowa Department of Human Services, under the directorship of Charles M. Palmer and under the leadership of Richard Shults, Administrator, Division of Mental Health and Disability Services. The facility's superintendent is Ron Mullen.

The Center for Psychiatric Care's team is headed by a psychiatrist and includes a psychologist, nurse, social worker, activity therapist, and residential treatment worker.

Both the Iowa Residential Treatment Center and the Dual Diagnosis Program are headed by a treatment services director and includes drug abuse counselors, psychologists, nurses, activities specialists, social workers, and residential treatment workers. Other disciplines may be included depending upon the individual's needs.

Services provided:

The facility provides inpatient psychiatric and substance abuse recovery services for adults.

People served:

The facility is located in Mount Pleasant and provides adult psychiatric services for fifteen counties in southeast Iowa and serves adults in the IRTC and Dual Diagnosis Program for all ninety-nine counties.

Adult Psychiatric Catchment Area

Dual Diagnosis & IRTC Catchment Area

Other information, innovations, awards:

The Mount Pleasant Mental Health Institute is the oldest of the four Iowa Department of Human Services facilities serving persons affected by mental illness. The first patient was admitted on February 26, 1861. In the early years of its operation, the facility was a custodial facility for patients who were hospitalized for long periods of time, some for the greater part of their lives.

In 1946, the facility reached its peak occupancy of 1,581. Since 1945 however, new therapies and medications have helped decrease the facility's population, and the individual's average length of stay has been reduced from years to a matter of weeks.

The Center for Psychiatric Care (Adult Psychiatric Services and Dual Diagnosis) is accredited by the Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Services. The Iowa Residential Treatment Center is licensed by the Iowa Department of Public Health and operating on a three-year accreditation.

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