Iowa Department of Human Services

Safety Standards Recommended for Children's Centers


 "Children's Centers" are defined in Iowa Code Chapter 237B. This code section provides for The Department of Human Services to establish certification or licensing standards for children's centers, however administrative rule-making authority is not clearly granted to the Department. This code section also does not provide authority for the Department or any other state agency to enforce "children's centers" standards.

In response to these Iowa Code provisions, the Department has taken input from other state agencies and a service provider to assemble recommended standards. The Department believes these standards would form a solid foundation for certification or licensing-related expectations of "children's center"  if the current law required certification or licensing, or granted licensing authority to the Department or another state agency. These standards may be viewed by clicking the link below.

Department of Human Services Recommended Safety Standards for Children's Centers.

In April 2009 the Department will publish for public notice a set of rules describing broad facility standards that focus on keeping children safe. A draft version of these rules may be viewed by clicking on the link provided below.

Proposed Rules Change to Safety Standards for Children's Centers.

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